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Media Coverage:
 The Hill

Ecotourism and Heritage Resources

Ghana Ecotours: A Guide to Natural and Cultural Adventures. The first ecotourism guide to Ghana, written and photographed for Nature Resource Conservation Centre. 2009.
(Link provides 9-page excerpt)
Resources and People in Crisis. A status report for Ghana's Kalakpa Resource Reserve written and designed under contract with SNV, the Netherlands Development Organization, 2007.
(Large file: 3.6 mb)

Natural Resource Management Plan. A comprehe Journalism nsive plan for more than 350 parks and 22,000 acres of land within the Fairfax County Park Authority, Fairfax County, Virginia, 2004.


A Spring Tribute to Frogs and Toads.Produced for National Public Radio by Lee Stephenson and Polly Pettit.
(Link coming soon)


Rolling Stone Article.Who Do the Power Companies Think We Are?